Who Owns Stamford Bridge? – Fulham, Roman Abramovic or Chelsea Pitch Owners

Who owns the Stamford Bridge

There is no dispute about the original owners of Stamford Bridge which has been home of Chelsea Football Club since 1905, however, it may interest you to know that Chelsea CEO Roman Abramovic does not own the prestigious football stadium in London.

From when Stamford Bridge was actually opened, it is one of the oldest football stadiums in England, but it was initially used as a sporting arena by the London Athletic Club for about 27 years.

Between the years 1877 to 1904, the London Athletic Club used the Stamford Bridge for the traditional Victorian pursuit of athletics meetings.

History has it that the Stadium was initially offered to Fulham FC which turned down the offer, eventually, Chelsea FC which was just a new club in March 1905 moved into the new stadium.

Chelsea Football Club has remained the occupants of Stamford Bridge till date however the stadium is owned and managed by the Chelsea Pitch Owners plc which owns the naming rights of the club as well.

Who are the Chelsea Pitch Owners – CPO?

The Chelsea Pitch Owners is a nonprofit public limited liability company that is in control of the freehold of Stamford Bridge as well as the club’s name – Chelsea Football Club Ltd.

The organization is tasked with the maintenance of the stadium to protect the club from any financial crisis that may lead to the sale of the property.

Having the naming rights implies that the London club is only allowed to use the name Chelsea FC as long as the first team plays the home games at Stamford Bridge.

The above suggests that whenever the Roman Abramovic club decides to move away from the Fulham situated stadium, then it outrightly loses the name Chelsea FC except with permission from 75% of the CPO shareholders.

Towards the late 90s, Chelsea FC had a serious financial crisis that led to a change of ownership and sale of the Stamford Bridge to Marler Estate property developers. However in 1992 the club was able to purchase back the stadium and the Chelsea Pitch Owners was established, subsequently, in 1997, the CPO bought the Stamford Bridge freehold, the pitch and the Chelsea FC name but not without the aid of a loan from the parent company of the club – the Chelsea Village plc.

The CPO is working to pay off the loan and lease back the freehold back to the club, at the time of this post former club captain and England team center-back John Terry is the president of the Chelsea Pitch Owners plc.

image 4
President of the Chelsea Pitch Owners plc – John Terry

Why is the Stadium called Stamford Bridge?

The Chelsea Football Club’s stadium got its name from the local landmarks around it. There is a stream flowing from the creek known as Stanford that crossed the Fulham road marked the ‘Little Chelsea Bridge’. History has it that the original name was Sanford bridge.

Apparently, the stadium took its name from these landmarks ‘Stanford Creek’ and ‘Stanbridge’ to become Stanford Bridge and subsequently modernized as Stamford Bridge which is the name the Stadium bears to date.

image 3
the Stamford Bridge

The Stamford Bridge was originally designed by a Scottish football stadium architect Archibald Leitch as far back as 1904. The stadium has a seating capacity of 40,000 with the Shed End at the southern side.

Also, Stamford Bridge has the following:

  • Two four-star hotels,
  • Restaurants,
  • Conference and Banqueting halls,
  • Health Club,
  • Music Venue,
  • Business Center and
  • Underground car park.

Coming back to the question of Who owns Stamford Bridge? It is clear that Stamford Bridge is not owned by the club owner Roman Abramovic but by the Chelsea Pitch Owners which is headed by John Terry.

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Recent News about Chelsea FC and Stamford Bridge

About five months ago there was news about the CPO stipping Chelsea of the name and right to play at the Stamford Bridge on the account of a bridge in policy.

This news was carried by different news agencies, however, a reliable source caughtoffside.com addressed the news extensively you can see the full details on the blog post by Jaikuran Randhawa.

The History of the Stamford Bridge

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