Top 10 Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

Soccer like most sports bring people together and the beauty of the game is not limited to what happens on the pitch, the spectators and fans add to it, therefore we’ll be reviewing the top 10 biggest soccer stadiums in the world.

Basically, there are regulations when it comes to football (soccer) field dimensions, the minimum and maximum dimensions for the soccer pitch. However, only a few or no limitations to the size of the stadium (the capacity).

FIFA’s specific dimensions for a soccer pitch is between 90 meters to 120 meters for the length and between 45 meters to 90 meters for the width.

For international matches, the Soccer governing body made it more specific thus; length should be between 100 meters to 110 meters and width should be between 64 meters to 75 meters.

Aside from the above, clubs and nations have built magnificent soccer stadiums to add to the beauty of the game and to give spectators as well as players a lasting experience.

If you’ve been to the stadium to see a live match you will probably go home happier; the excitement, passion and social integration is one thing that will blow your mind and that is the beauty of the game.

Many Clubs and National teams construct big beautiful stadiums with impressive seating capacity to add more to the experience fans get while in the stadium.

Stadiums like the Camp Nou in Barcelona and Wembley in England are among the most talked-about stadiums in the world. However, the biggest stadium in the world is the RUNGRADO FIRST OF MAY STADIUM (also called May First Stadium) in North Korea.

The Top 10 Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

RankStadiumYear BuiltAverage CapacityLoaction
1Rungrado First of May Stadium1989114,000Pyongyang, North Korea
2Camp Nou1954-5799,354Barcelona, Spain
3FNB Stadium1986-8994,736Johannesburg, South Africa
4Rose Bowl1921-2290,888Pasadena, California
5Wembley Stadium2002-0790,000London, England
6Estadio Azteca1961-6687,523Mexico City, Mexico
7Bukit Jalil National Stadium1992-9587,411Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8Borg El Arab Stadium
86,000Alexandria, Egypt
9Salt Lake Stadium198485,000Kolkata, India
10ANZ Stadium1996-9984,000Sydney, Australia

Rungrado First of May Stadium

It is not surprising that the world’s biggest stadium is located in North Korea, if the world’s largest gymnastics display – the Arirang Games holds there, then the claim is justifiable. The Rungrado First of May stadium has a sitting capacity of 114,000, though natives of the country claim it is way more than that.

The stadium is recorded to be about 150,000 seating capacity and can contain up to 190,000 as seen during the world championship wrestling in 1995. Regardless if it has 150,000 0r 114,000 it remains the biggest soccer stadium in the world till further notice.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou may be second biggest soccer stadium in the world but it remains the biggest in Europe. It is the home stadium of Barcelona football club based in Barcelona, Spain.

The Stadium was contructed in 1957 and is currently undergoing a major reconstruction that will be completed in 2022.

FNB Stadium

FNB Stadium also known as Soccer City is Africa’s largest football stadium. It is located in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Originally, constructed in 1989, it was reconstructed in 2009 in view of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is the largest soccer stadium in America. It is located in Pasadena, California.

Though it hosts more American Football games, it was the venue for two FIFA World Cup finals, hence it made our list of top 10 biggest soccer stadiums in the world.

Wembley Stadium

The Wembley Stadium is home of English national team. It hosts the annual Football Association (FA) Cup final.

The stadium is located in London, England, it is a new version of the old Wembley Stadium completed in 1923. The new version was constructed between 2002 and 2007.

Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca located in Mexico City has hosted major FIFA events like the World Cup, Confederations Cup and Gold Cup.

The Stadium has one remarkable feature, which is the number of private boxes it has to host most corporate clients. About 856 boxes can be found in the stadium and this is second to none in the world.

Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Bukit Jalil National Stadium is the home stadium for the Malaysian National team. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. It is arguably the largest Stadium in Southeast of Asia.

The Stadium was completed in 1998 to host the Commonwealth Games and has since played host to to several international competitions.

Borg El Arab Stadium

The Borg El Arab Stadium is the second largest stadium in Africa, completed in 2007 and located in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

The stadium was contructed as part of Egypt’s bid to host the 2010 World Cup which was lost to South Africa. It has a parking space enough to hold more than 5000 cars.

Salt Lake Stadium

The Salt Lake Stadium located in Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India is the home stadium for the following football clubs Mohun Bagan FC, Shree Cement East Bengal FC and Mohammedan FC.

Owned by the Indian Football Association, it is a multipurpose stadium and was originally the second largest soccer stadium in the world prior to the construction of the Rungrado May Day Stadium in 1989 and subsequent renovation in 2011.

Argentine striker Lionel Messi is reported to have played at the Salt Lake Stadium in 2011 in an international friendly against Venezuela.

ANZ Stadium

To many, it is the ANZ Stadium but it is known as Telstra Stadium and Stadium Australia. It is a multi-purpose stadium and is recorded to be the largest Olympic stadium ever built.

Located at the Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia. The stadium hosts several games, however, it made it to our list because it is a playing ground of the Australian Football League and the Association Football.

Also, it is the home stadium of the Australian national soccer team and Sydney FC.

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There are many notable stadiums in the world that did not make it to the list such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia and the AT&T Stadium in Texas, USA.

Both stadiums have higher seating capacity than Camp Nou in Barcelona but our post is limited to Soccer Stadiums.

Melbourne Cricket Ground sitting capacity is 100,024 while AT&T is 105,000.

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