SIMPLE EXERCISES TO DO BEFORE GOING TO BED – Fitness Tips for Athletes & Non-athletes

SIMPLE EXERCISES TO DO BEFORE GOING TO BED - Fitness Tips for Athletes & Non-athletes

Thinking of some simple exercises to do before going to bed, here are some top picks you should try today.

An exercise is a form of activity involving the movement of the body. It is a very good way of keeping the human body physically fit and healthy.

There are as many reasons to do exercise as there are as many benefits of exercising.

Exercise has been adopted medically and even traditionally as a good prevention and cure to most ill health. For instance, engaging in rigorous body exercise for at least 30 minutes daily is a high recommendation for anyone who wants to burn stomach fat.

Constant exercise is also recommended for anyone who wants to build or develop body muscles.

There is almost no time of the day that is bad for one to exercise. Health tips say that exercising at least an hour before going to bed does a lot of numerous benefits to the night rest.

Therefore, here are some simple exercises to do before going to bed.

Simple Exercises To Do Before Going to Bed

  1. Standing Forward Fold
  2. Plank
  3. Glute Bridge
  4. Bird Dog
  5. Child’s Pose

Standing Forward Fold

This is a type of yoga that targets one’s ability to keep his or her breath stable. It is a method of body stretching that enables the mind to get a good state of concentration in a meditative state.

Standing Forward Fold type of exercise has been proven to promote relaxation in the body of participants.

Health practitioners say that this type of body exercise ensures a good night’s sleep and even daytime functioning. It reduces mid-night awakenings.

How to Do Standing Forward Fold

  1. Stand erect and spread your hands wide
  2. Begin to lift your body using your toes till you are almost on the tip of your toes
  3. Bend your body downwards gradually using your abdominal muscle without bending your kneels
  4. Keep bending until you reach your body is completely stretched
  5. Move your head and arms uniformly towards the floor, let them touch the floor without your kneel bending if you can
  6. While you do this, concentrate, breathe deeply and slowly
  7. Do this for as long as you can.
  8. Gradually lift your body still using your abdominal muscles without bending your kneels.
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The Plank Knee tap

This type of exercise targets the spinal alignment and general body posture.
The plank type of body exercise makes the general body strong. Participating in this type of exercise before bed time gives the body a thing to focus on. It is a kind of body stretch like Standing Forward Fold.

How to do the plank knee tap

  1. Position your body on the floor as though you are set for a push up exercise.
  2. Place your palms or elbow to the floor using it to lift your entire body.
  3. Lift your body till you are on the tips of your toe.
  4. Make sure your entire body is stretched and stiff.
  5. Push up and touch your left knee with your right hand or alternatively but keeping your breath steady for at least 60 seconds.
  6. Do this as many times as your strength can carry you.

You can also do other variants of plank such as side plank. It is more rigorous, a bit hard and effective.

Glute Bridge

This is a type of yoga pose exercise involving the core, the back and the gluteal muscles.
Medically, it helps enhances level of night sleep and one’s state of mind. This exercise also reduces difficulty in night sleeps, anxiety, unrest and blood pressure.

How to do Glute Bridge

  1. Lie down backwards with your feet flat on the floor
  2. Put your arms behind your body flat on the floor
  3. Attempt lifting your core with your elbow on the floor
  4. Push up your heel to your kneel
  5. Do this until your body is lifted leaving tour feet and should part to floor
  6. Lift your body in this posture up and down for at least 50 times.

How to do bird dog

  1. First, put your kneels and palms to the floor
  2. Raise one of your arms, the right arm for instance
  3. Raise the leg opposite to the arm raised
  4. Stretch the arm and leg till it brings your heel to a square shape
  5. Use the other arm and kneel on the floor to keep your body stretched and focused
  6. Maintain the position of one leg and arm up and leg and arm on the floor for at least one minute
  7. Interchange the arm and leg and repeat the same thing
  8. Do it as many times as you can
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