PEP GUARDIOLA Premier League Manager of the Year 20/21 | What you should know about the Contemporary Football Philosopher

PEP GUARDIOLA Premier League Manager of the Year

Pep Guardiola won the English Premier League Manager of the Year for the 2020/21 season. Here is what you should know about the Contemporary Football Philosopher.

Graduating from the Barcelona B team in 2009, the youth Spaniard coach under the administration of Barcelona president Joan Laporta took over as head coach of Barcelona team

In his debut as a coach with some quality players like Carles Puyol, Ronaldinho & Deco under his management he won the Sextuple in the 2008/09 season.

Pep Guardiola stood out as one of the newbie coaches at the time who shocked the world of football. Who could imagine such a feat? Winning the Uefa Champions League, La Liga, and Copa del Rey.

It was at this time Pep Guardiola began a journey in unleashing his prowess as a great manager to come.

He became the youngest coach to win the Uefa Champions League after defeating Manchester United. He won the title twice in his career (2008/09 & 2011/12) all against Manchester United.

Pep Guardiola has won literally all the trophies there is to win in Europe & has dominated Spain, Germany and England.

Known for modernizing football and introducing the (tiki-taka) fluid football tactic. Guardiola has 31 trophies to his name and Deiter Hansi Flick of current Bayern Munich is the only coach to do the sextuple in a season like Guardiola.

With coaches like Jose Mourinho in the coaching world who is also known for his tactics and mind games. Pep Guardiola has surpassed all contemporary coaches in football at the moment.

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Although some critics tag him as a racist because of certain issues he has had over time with some players like Yaya Toure and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the truth is Pep Guardiola is a perfectionist.

In Bayern Munich, Mehdi Benatia once told the sporting press that “Guardiola was more worried about his team and them winning matches than his relationship with the players”.

Arjen Robben also said that “Him (pep) was obsessed with football because once Guardiola called him by 2 am in the morning to discuss football tactics”.

Guardiola is what football management is all about and many coaches are afraid to play his team because of his genius and tactical prowess coupled with the kind of quality players you can find in his team.

No doubt he deserved the Premier League Manager of the Year award, after winning 23 league games, the Carabao Cup, the Premier League title, and Finishing as runners-up in the UEFA Champions League all in one season.

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  1. The award is well deserved if you ask me. No manager in EPL came close to his record in the season under review.

  2. Not all managers are scared of him, like JURGEN KLOPP. But then his a great manager and deserves the award 100%

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