Soccer Enthusiasts – How to Join a Football Academy in England

How to join a football academy in England

Soccer enthusiasts can be very obsessed about playing for top clubs and in top leagues. While a bunch of them do not know how to go about it, a great number are striving to join a football academy in England, therefore, increasing their chances of playing at the top levels in their career.

As a sports blogger, I have entertained several kinds of questions on how to join a football academy in England. At some point, I ignored those in my dm but for how long? They keep sending especially those of them from the third world countries.

Without a doubt, I know I can be sentimental at times, however, on second thought, ‘it will be helpful if I make a post to address the issue of how to join a football academy in England for all soccer enthusiasts.

I hope you find the guideline I have shared in this post as helpful as I intend them to be.

Is it difficult to join a football academy in England?

Of course, the answer is capital ‘no’. It is quite easier to join a football academy in England if you know how to go about it. A lot of youths devote their time wishing they had the opportunity to play in Europe, I am here to tell you to stop wishing and do something about it.

The English League is one of the most competitive football leagues in the world today and apparently, all the top-flight English clubs own a functional football academy. This is where they nurture players and sieve out the best before considering signing players from outside the club as we have seen in some cases.

Some of the renowned football academies in England include; Liverpool Football Academy, Chelsea Football Academy, David Beckham Academy, Manchester United Academy and the Academy of Light.

But what are the benefits you can get from joining a football academy in England?

Benefits of Joining a Football Academy in England

The Bigger the Challenge the More Opportunity

Playing in one of the developmental academies in England exposes you to a lot of challenges and as well gives you room to develop adaptation characteristics to conquer such challenges. This opens you up to more opportunities.

English clubs are always on the lookout for outstanding players to bolster their squad and the first place they go to is the academies.

Your rating as a player in the academy is determined by your input and adaptation and that is what brings you the opportunity you might have been waiting for all along.

Develope New Skills and Play Pattern

Every football developmental academy in Europe and most importantly in England operate with the best standard of equipment and training grounds. Also, you will be trained by the best career coach and professionals who will pass down the modern style of football which includes the following:

  • Modern football skills
  • Passing techniques
  • Good decision making during on the pitch
  • Character building for players.

Most of the academies can go ahead as drafting career pathways for individual players.

Open to Competitions

If you are signed to one of the football academies within the Premier League or the EFL Championship, you will have a higher chance of breaking into the first team. This is possible because your progress is continuously and closely monitored.

You can be called up to play for the senior team at any time, this is a typical story of Andreas Iniesta and Lionel Messi both started out at La Maisa football academy in Spain and graduated to the Barcelona first team. The same story goes for Ansu Fati who currently wears the number 10 jersey at Camp Nou.

Higher Chances of Getting signed by English Clubs

English clubs send out scouts to football academies around the country to look out for potential stars. You will stand a chance of being scouted out by any of the top teams in England.

How to Join a Football Academy in England – tips

Make sure you meet the requirements and qualifications to join a football academy in England

One of such requirements is the IELTS

While you are preparing to travel to England to play in any of the football academies, it is compulsory that you take the IELTS test which is a must for non-English citizens aspiring to immigrate to the country.

Secondly, ensure that you obtain a student Visa. There are various kinds of Visa applications, the international student Visa is the best fit for the purpose of joining a football academy.

You can obtain the student’s Visa from the country’s embassy in your home country.

Also, it is necessary that you visit the Uk international students portal to check the full list of requirements for international students.

How to Join a Football Academy in England
football academy students in session

Apply to Join a Football Academy

The internet and advancement in technology have made it easier for anyone to send and receive emails. You can apply to join any of the available academies online or through the mailbox.

Attend Open day trials and showcase your skills

Open day trials are sports events organized by scouts and football agencies to allow players in different categories the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of clubs representatives and scouts.

There are free and paid open day trials, as a soccer enthusiast, you should be on the lookout for open day trials and prepare beforehand for each one.

Join a Football Academy with affiliated with clubs from England

Talking about grass root football, it is no other thing than the developmental teams around your community. One of the best practices you should adopt is to play for a football academy that is affiliated with English clubs.

That way you stand the chance to be scouted and signed by the club’s academy in England or the first team.

Train Consistently and Maintain Good Health

Clubs take players as investments and they can spend quite a great amount to sign a potential star however one of the things the clubs look out for is the consistency of the player as well as the health status.

Use the Tonsser App

I had to include this in my tips, this is because I have read a couple of testimonies from the app. Also, I had written about the app in one of my previous blog posts on how it has helped some players make it through to a higher level in their careers.

The Tonsser App is a football app that gives you the opportunity to be discovered by top European clubs. You can download the app and set up your personal account today.


Of course, I am not an expert football analyst nor am I a scout or soccer expert, I am just a blogger. However, I have done my research very well and compared some of the success stories and results from the past and present, therefore I can tell you what works and what doesn’t work. Hence I am confident enough in the tips that I have shared in this blog post.

On the other hand, I will keep updating you on recent industry practices. I want all my followers and soccer enthusiast to have a wonderful experience here on my blog.

Hope this was helpful? You can share it now!

Meanwhile, You can reach out to any of the Football academies listed below or send them an email with your videos and CV

Football Academies in England

AFC Bournemouth Under-21 and Academy

Arsenal FC Under-23 and Academy

Aston Villa FC Under-23 and Academy

Birmingham City FC Reserves and Academy

Blackburn Rovers FC Under-23 and Academy

Bolton Wanderers FC Reserves and Academy

Bretford FC Reserves and Academy

Brighton & Hove Albion FC Reserves and Academy

Burnley FC Under-23 and Academy

Charlton Athletic FC Under-23 and Academy

Chelsea FC Under-23 and Academy

Colchester United FC Under-23 and Academy

Crewe Alexandra FC Academy

Crystal Palace FC UNder-23 and Academy

David Beckham Academy

Derby County FC Reserves and Academy

Doncaster Rovers FC Academy

Everton FC Reserves and Academy

Fulham FC Academy

Glenn Hoddle Academy

Huddersfield Town Reserves and Academy

Hull City AFC Reserves and Juniors

Ipswich Town FC Under-23 and Academy

Leeds United FC Reserves and Youth Team

Leicester City FC Under-23 and Academy

Lilleshall Hall Academy of Light

Liverpool FC Reserves and Academy

Manchester City FC EDS and Academy

Manchester United FC Reserves and Academy

Middlesbrough FC Reserves and Academy

Newcastle United FC Reserves and Academy

Nike Academy

Norwich City FC Under-23 and Academy

Nottingham Forest FC Under-23, Under-18 and Academy

Portsmouth FC Reserves and Academy

Reading FC Under-23 and Academy

Sheffield United FC Academy

Sheffield Wednesday FC Academy

Southampton FC B team and Academy

St George’s Park National Football Centre

Stoke City FC Under-23 and Academy

Sunderland AFC Reserves and Academy

Tottenham Hotspur FC Under-23 and Academy

V9 Academy

Wallsend Boys Club

Watford FC Under-23 and Academy

West Bromwich Albion FC Reserves and Academy

West Ham United FC Under-23 and Academy

AFC Wimbledon Development Squad and Academy

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Development squad and Academy

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