Cristiano Ronaldo Biography – The Untold Story from the Beginning

Cristiano Ronaldo Biography in 2021

There are many untold stories when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo biography, except the soccer star writes his own autobiography, there will hardly be an eagle eye effect because no one knows it all.

However, with the close relationship between the Portuguese Ace and his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, you may as well assume that she probably knows most facts and details about Ronaldo but she is not the kind of woman who wags her mouth unnecessarily.

The majority of Cristiano Ronaldo fans can tell the story of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner from the point he became famous. Perhaps from his first spell at Manchester United. He has maintained his stay at the highest level of his career for over a decade, which makes him one of the outstanding players in the history of football.

But what do we know about Cristiano Ronaldo?

If you know Cristiano Ronaldo as just an outstanding footballer then you certainly don’t know much about him, alongside football, he is an influencer, model, real estate mogul and entrepreneur. It is also worthy that I add that he is a philanthropist. But these are nothing but the least you should know as there is more.

For all we know, CR7 as his fondly tagged is very open about his lifestyle on social media, the only thing that he has kept away from his massive followers is the identity of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Born Cristiano dos Santos Aveiro on the 5th of February 5, 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal to Jose Dinis Aveiro (father), and Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro (mother). Ronaldo’s dad was a gardener and equipment manager at the local club Andorinha while his mother worked as a cook.

According to records, the name Ronaldo was not his original name but was added to his name shortly by his dad in honor of a movie actor he so much admired. The actor is Ronald Reagan, fortunately, Reagan was serving as the president of the United States at the time of Cristiano’s birth.

There is always the temptation to jump in and talk about his career records and Guinness records while talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s biography, but I want to take this post off that line at the moment and give you as much fact as I have about the world most influential footballer. As I said, this is a revelation of the untold story of the football living legend.

Early Childhood

Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in a poor neighborhood in Madeira with four siblings, two boys and two girls. As a young boy, he was not quite brilliant academically, but he was able to discover his passion for football at a tender age and with the support of his mother, he was able to follow his career path from childhood.

Cristiano Ronaldo Biography - Early Childhood
Early Years of Cristiano Ronaldo

Who would’ve thought that a young lad from the streets of Madeira who just got expelled from school would become the biggest footballer in his generation? That was achievable on the altar of hard work and determination fueled with passion.

At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required surgery. That would have been a big discouragement for the young footballer who just started off his football career playing for Clube Desportivo Nacional of Madeira. Fortunately, he recovered shortly without the surgery procedure.

Progressively, Cristiano Ronaldo advanced in pursuit of a career in football, he was transferred to Sporting Clube de Portugal (known as Sporting Lisbon). This is regarded as his boyhood club. He played for the club at different levels as he advanced through the youth teams.

In 2002, Ronaldo made his professional debut for Sporting Lisbon and soon became one of the most sought players because of his potentials and strength. He was signed by Manchester United in 2003 for a transfer fee of £12.24 million. A transfer that saw his transition into the biggest stage of football.

Professional Career

Ronaldo played just a season with Sporting Lisbon after signing for the club in 2002, he caught the attention of European top teams but signed for Manchester United in 2003. He soon became a regular starter for the club.

In 2007-08 had scored the most goals to become Europe’s leading scorer, which earned him the Golden Boot. He also helped Manchester United to win the Champions League, also, he won the World Player of the Year award from FIFA (known as Ballon d’Or) for the first time in 2008.

Cristiano is one of the few players to win the PFA Young Player of the Year and the PFA Player of the Year award in a year.

In 2009, he was able to lead the Manchester United team to the UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona.

After an impressive spell at Old Trafford, Ronaldo moved to the Spanish side, Real Madrid on a world record transfer fee of £80 million. I can say that his move to the Madrid side was the hallmark of his professional football career.

In his nine years spell at Santiago Bernabeu, he won four Ballon d’Or awards and led the club to become the only club in the history of football to win the Champions League trophy three times consecutively.

At Madrid, he became the club’s all-time leading goal scorer with a total of 324 goals and helped the club to countless trophies in the La Liga and at UEFA competitions.

In 2018, Ronaldo left Madrid to sign for Italian giants Juventus. As a prolific player, he was able to help the club win its eighth consecutive Italian league title.

The summer window of 2021 saw the Portuguese ace make a comeback to the theater of dreams – Manchester United which soon became the most talked about transfer of the summer after Lionel Messi’s exit from Barcelona to Paris St-Germaine.

Cristiano Ronaldo Biography – Career Statistics

Goals and Assists

Ronaldo scored 311 La Liga goals in 292 games and a total of 96 assists in his nine year spell at Madrid.

In the English, he scored 87 goals and 45 assists in 200 games.

Ronaldo remains the Champions League top scorer with a total 136 goals and 48 assists in 178 appearances.

While in the Serie A despite the short period, he netted 81 goals and 17 assists in 98 league games for Juventus.

Goals Breakdown by Clubs

In his debut year at Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo played 31 games and scored 5 times but was able to give up to 6 assists.

After his move to the English side Manchester United in 2003, Ronaldo played a total of 298 games under Sir Alex Ferguson and netted 123 goals with 69 assists.

In Spain, he was a goal machine with 450 goals and 138 assists for Real Madrid in 438 games. He remains Real Madrid all time highest goal scorer.

Ronaldo returned to the English League and on his comeback debut he scored a brace to register his presence and to prove that he is prolific at the goal.

National Team Career Statistics

image 10
Ronaldo scores 115 international goal

Ronaldo’s national team statistics is an integral part while talking about Cristiano Ronaldo biography. The sensational forward has broken so many records at the international stage and while at 36 years, the player became the player with the most international goals in men’s football. He holds the guinness world records. At the time of this post he had scored a total of 115 goals in 182 games for the Portuguese national team.

Ronaldo started playing for Portugal under-15 in February 2001, he made 9 appearances with 7 goals.

He made his debut for Portugal under-17 at the age of 16 years and 8 months. In 7 appearances, Ronaldo was able to score 5 goals.

While playing for the Portuguese under-20, he scored just a goal in 5 appearances. Subsequently, he joined the Portugal youth 21 team under the management of Rui Cacador, he made 10 appearances and scored 3 goals in all.

In 2004, he was among the Portuguese Olympic team, he played three games at the tournament and netted 1 goal. He was 19 years old at this point in his career.

Ronaldo is the first captain of the Portuguese national team and has scored 115 goals in 182 games.

He made his debut for Portugal senior team at the age of 18 years in August 2003 under the management of Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Cristiano Ronaldo Achievements and Awards

Cristiano Ronaldo has won numerous trophies, titles and awards. He is one of the most decorated players in the history of football, having won several trophies across Europes top-flight leagues.


Portuguese Super Cup winner – Sporting CP – 2002

English FA Cup winner – Manchester United – 2004
English Super Cup Winner – Manchester United – 2007, 2008
English League Cup Winner – Manchester United – 2006, 2009
English Champion – Manchester United – 2007, 2008, and 2009

5x Champions League winner

2008 – Manchester United
2014 – Real Madrid
2016 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid
2018 – Real Madrid

4x FIFA Club World Cup Winner

2008 – Manchester United
2014 – Real Madrid
2016 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid

3x UEFA Supercup Winner

2015 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid
2018 – Real Madrid

2x Spanish Cup Winner

2011 – Real Madrid
2014 – Real Madrid

2x Spanish Super Cup Winner

2013 – Real Madrid
2018 – Real Madrid

2x Spanish Champion

2012 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid

2x Italian Super Cup Winner

2019 – Juventus FC
2021 – Juventus FC

2x Italian Champion

2019 – Juventus FC
2020 – Juventus FC

1x Italian Cup Winner

2021 Juventus FC

1x WInner UEFA Nations League

2019 – Portugal

1x European Champion

2016 Portugal

Personal Awards

5x Ballon d’Or Winner

2008 – Manchester United
2013 – Real Madrid
2014 – Real Madrid
2016 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid

10x Footballer of the Year – Portugal

2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,

19x Top scorer

04/05 – FA Cup
07/08 – Premier League – 31 goals
07/08 – UEFA Champions League – 8 goals
10/11 – La Liga – 40 goals
10/11 – Copa del Rey
11/12 – EURO 2012 – 3 goals
12/13 – UEFA Champions League – 12 goals
13/14 – UEFA Champions League – 17 goals
13/14 – La Liga – 31 goals
14/15 – La Liga – 48 goals
14/15 – UEFA Champions League 10 goals
15/16 – UEFA Champions League 16 goals
16/17 – UEFA Champions League 12 goals
16/17 – FIFA Club World Cup – 4 goals
17/18 – UEFA Champions League – 15 goals
17/18 – FIFA Club World Cup
18/19 – UEFA Nations League Finals – 3 goals
20/21 – Seria A – 29 goals
Euro 2020 – 5 goals

5x Player of the Year

2007 – Manchester United
2008 – Manchester United
2013 – Real Madrid
2014 – Real Madrid
2019 – Juventus

3x UEFA Best Player in Europe

2014 – Real Madrid
2016 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid

2x The Best FIFA Men’s Player

2016 – Real Madrid
2017 – Real Madrid

2x TM-Player of the Season

2017 – Spain
2019 – Italy

1x FIFA Puskas Award – 2009

Notable facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

We can just talk about his career goals and records in Cristiano Ronaldo Biography, no there is more untold stories which fans of the soccer super star should know.

I have written about some notable Cristiano Ronaldo records in some of my previous posts including:

How many girlfriends has Cristiano Ronaldo had?

In his lifetime, Cristiano Ronaldo has dated quite a reasonable number of girls of which most of them are top models. Here is the list of top models that dated the football genius over the years.

Merche Romero – Portuguese model

Merche Romero and Ronaldo had a relationship going in 2005, it was recorded that the model who was nine years older than the soccer star had to add Ronaldo to her name on Instagram. There were speculations of the two being married but it was denied by the model.

They relationship came to an end in 2006.

Nereida Gallardo – Spanish Model

Nereida relationship with Ronaldo was revealed in 2008 when the player was signed to Manchester United. It was shocking that while in England he was seeing a Spanish born model. Perhaps, it played a role in his transition to the spanish league but that is just my speculation.

When the two broke up, Ronaldo explained that he couldn’t cope with Nereida’s past.

Kim Kardashian – American Reality Star

This is one of the relationships that stole the limelight in 2010. The two appeared to be deeply in love and were spotted in choice places in Madrid. However, Kim denied the relationship after a while.

Irina Shayk – Russian Model

For a period of four years between 2010 and 2014, Ronaldo and the Russian top model shared one of the most romantic affairs in the history of the Portuguese ace.

The story did not end happily as Irina accused Ronaldo of making her feel ugly and insecure with his cheating habits. she alleged that Cristiano Ronaldo was a rapist and had a couple of strippers who he hangs out with.

Andressa Urach – Brazillian Television Model and Reality star

This one relationship that is more of rumors than facts.

Andressa claimed that she had an affair with Ronaldo in 2013 after she made some advancement towards the football star by sending him romantic and lustful texts.

She added that Ronaldo would call her “little horse” and was obsesses with her butt.

Perhaps, this could be the reference Irina made when she accused the soccer star of cheating.

Rita Pereira – Portuguese Actress

It is not surprising at all that most top model and actresses want to date Ronaldo, he has the looks to die for, if you ask me. Rita’s relationship with the Portuguese star did not quite make rounds on the internet, perhaps it was shortlived but it was apparent bith shared a lot in common in 2014.

Georgina Rodriguez – Spanish Model

Ronaldo has something with Spanish Models, however, this time is more beautiful than ever. There are speculations that Ronaldo is engaged to Georgina Rodriguez who has given birth to Ronaldo’s two children.

The two has been together since 2016 and has been enjoying a good relationship with the family.

Georgina Rodriguez plays the mother role for Ronaldo’s children and they two love birds may likely tie the knot in no distant time – my expectation anyway.

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